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Size doesn’t matter

Posted by Mike Carey on 25th April 2016
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Move over America, there’s a new champion in the fight for the biggest houses in the world. Australia actually takes the cake, with average houses nearing 2,500 square feet, according to a recent survey of 10 countries and….a survey which also revealed that UK homes are the smallest in Europe! The survey looked at average house sizes around the world and determined that Australian homes are the largest, while homes in China are the smallest, at just over 500 square feet. The top ten countries, sizewise are: 1. Australia 2. United States of America 3. Canada 4. Denmark 5. France 6. Germany 7. Spain 8. Japan 9. The United Kingdom 10. China The infographic also includes Hong Kong, which although technically a part of China, maintains a high degree of autonomy, and has even tinier homes than the average Chinese abode. In fact, exactly 22.6 Hong Kong homes could fit into the average Australian residence. Take a look at the full infographic below. j.jpg